Whenever a person thinks of what to do with their life savings or is looking for investment avenues, the first option is the real estate investment. Owning a piece of land has been a practice since the yesteryears. However, like every investment, there are a few characteristics or the nuts and bolts of real estate investment that an investor needs to know.

The Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate Investing

First comes the type of investments:


This type of investments comes with no buildings or any other assortments. The property is in a raw and natural state. Nevertheless, this type of investment comes with some setbacks like even though it can generate a profit, it cannot guarantee a passive income. The investor has to be continually monitoring the land so that there are no illegal possessions and also be updated with their documents.

2.Residential real estate:

In the residential real estate, the properties are mainly apartments and houses that are rented out to families or individuals to occupy. This type of investing can be quite lucrative if managed diligently. Many investors prefer this option as it can generate passive income for the years to come.

3.Commercial real estate:

As the name suggests, commercial real estate indicates the investments made in properties like offices, malls, and others. For generating wealth, this type of investment suits the best. Benefits of this investment include steady cash flow, an increase in rental and capital appreciation over the years when compared to residential investments.

4.REIT investments:

Real Estate Investment Trusts are companies that manage properties. REIT’s are one of the best sources of passive income. By investing their money in trust, the investors will receive a return on their share of investment and at the same time can pursue their occupations. REIT investment is suitable for beginners as it comes with many options.Once, the investor is clear on the type of property they want to hold, then the strategies of real investment are next. Many kinds of real estate investment strategies are available. Investors can start with low-risk investments like renting or leasing. Slowly, they can move forward to the next level of investments.

5.Buy and hold:

Buy and hold strategy is where the investors buy a property for low prices and sell it when there is a considerable capital appreciation of the property. An investor can hold on to the property as long as they wish and this strategy is one of the safest ones when embarking on real estate investments.

6.Rental Strategies:

If the investor is looking for a steady passive income, then the rental strategies are the best. Given the scenario of today, the investor can either go for the traditional type of renting the place for 11 months contract or can use the modern channels of Airbnb, Oyo, and others to earn income. The difference between these two is that the former will have a longer duration of rental whereas the second option will be in days or a month maximum.


Some of the other strategies are fixing and flipping and wholesaling. Experienced investors use these, and it has many kinds of nuances. Going through this methods will require a substantial amount of funds, resources and comes with risks. But still, the rewards will be worth the effort. For beginners in real estate investments, the above ways of renting and buy and hold are suitable.

  • Investors should keep themselves updated with the real estate industry by attending events and courses held by the experts in the field. Be well versed in the basics will help to avoid any big mistakes and in case of a fault, it becomes a lesson in real estate investment.
  • Networking is an important aspect when it comes to real estate. Having good contacts in the filed can save time and effort. It might even help when scouring for financial resources to fund the investment.
  • Negotiation is the basic survival skill of a real estate investor. Nevertheless, to negotiate successfully, the investor has to know exactly what they want.
  • A support system of experts who can counsel and provide advice on real estate investments is beneficial. They should be the people who know the field well.
  • The investors should know the location as it is what that matters. Investing in an upcoming area will be profitable, rather than investing in land or property that is not worthy. Researching well before investing, without blindly believing the words of the agent is the correct way to invest in real estate.

Tips to succeed in real estate investment:

So here is the nuts and bolts of the real estate investment Property in Navi Mumbai. An investor should take all necessary precautions before investing in property as it involves a huge sum of money. Knowing these fundamentals can aid in making a sound financial decision when it comes to real estate investing.






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