Before putting up a home for sale, it is important to make it market ready. Potential buyers like a tour of the property before deciding to buy the property. So, impressing the buyers is of paramount importance to market your property. Clearing home inspection will guarantee the deal. A home inspection is a blueprint that shows the buyer what will be the future expenses when buy Property in Navi Mumbai. It also gives the seller an opportunity to correct any deficiencies in the house.

How to Prepare for a Home Inspection When Selling Your House?

Here are some ways to prepare for a home inspection:

Clean your home:

Keeping the home clean is the most vital part when preparing for home inspection. Cleaning every nook and corner, clearing the cobwebs and maintaining the space tidy and organized is vital. Keeping sink and bathrooms free of clogs and grime and cleaning other areas are the other items of the list. Clean homes create a good impression on potential buyers.

Utilities Connected:

When planning for a home inspection, it is best to leave all the utilities connected like water, electricity and others even if the house is vacant. The home inspector cannot check the status of these utilities, in case it is not connected and will lead to the extra scheduling of home inspection. It will be a huge waste of time for both parties.

Clear the space:

When preparing for inspection, remove book cases, furniture or boxes for ease of access. Having at least three or four feet of moving area will help the inspector to inspect the working condition of the heater, air conditioner and other electrical fixtures. If the home inspectors are unable to check them, they might infer a specialist, and it might lead to bigger problems.

Clear the exterior:

A home inspection is not only confined to the inner space of the home, but also to the outer areas like gardens, backyards and garage. Clean and trim your plants, grass and clear out the weed. Make your lawn look presentable as it also enhances the look of your house. Keeping your garage neat and organized will present a good impression on the buyer and the home inspector.

Check lighting:

Before scheduling a home inspection, it is prudent to check your light fixtures. If it is not in a working condition replace it immediately. Make sure all the bulbs are working quite well without any problems. Faulty bulbs might lead the inspector to reach a wrong conclusion, that the wiring is faulty.

Hire a professional cleaner:

Avail the service of professional cleaners before scheduling the home inspections. Deep cleaning the kitchens and the bathrooms can make your home look very immaculate. Deep cleaning also gets rid of the grime and clogs in the kitchen and bathroom drains. Also check for any bugs, termites or ants under the flooring and in the corner of the rooms.

Attic access:

Home inspectors undertake a full inspection of your house including every nook and corner. Clear a path to the attic and keep it clutter free and dust free. If your attic has cobwebs and insects, it will reflect negatively in the report. Maintaining each and every part of the attic clean is necessary. When planning for a home inspection, it is necessary to follow these simple tips. Additionally, you also need to:

  • Provide the home inspector and the buyer complete access to your home.
  • Have all the documents including the renovation, upgrade of new fixtures and furniture, repair receipts and any other costs associated with the upkeep of the house.
  • Repair the faulty items and make sure they are in working order.


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